Jedi's Photography

karolinaplachetko said: Hi, just saw some of your macro pics, and have an iPhone 4 myself - how do you shoot macro like this with it? It's awesome but I somehow cannot manage to achieve satisfying macro shots myself. What's your secret and May I know it? Have a great day ;)


First, let me say: “thank you for visiting” I hope you enjoyed it! :D

As for what I use, I have a small ‘macro lens’ that I bought quite a while ago now. It came with a small ferromagnetic ring which fits around the camera, then the magnetic macro lens sticks to the back. :) It was pretty inexpensive-$15 on sale if memory serves. My recommendation would be the Olloclip as it looks more reliable, (though I don’t have one, what I have is kind of an off-brand version) to my eye. Unfortunately it is a good deal more expensive, but, again, seems to be a better product.

Hope this helps! I really need to update this blog, I didn’t really have much of an audience, and there were a lot of things happening, so I’m REALLY backlogged/lazy. But I’m planning to put more stuff up soon. [Promises, promises. I know] 

Thanks again! :D